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From Cadmium Yellow Series
50x30 cm
Oil,Acrylic and Graphite on 300gr paper

Each piece in the series examines the inner life of materials and the relationship of black and white with the cadmium yellow.

The painting is based on the aesthetics of drawing from my audiovisual performances, in order to utilize the sound of materials into compositions through improvisation.

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I can See Clearly Now

From 6.8KOhm series


Sound Composition,Graphite and Ink on Paper

6.8 KOhm is a project series using sound as structural element of material composition in installation and paintings to create sound sculptures and live performances.

Using handmade analogue electronic circuits that enable real time sonification of paper canvas drawings, graphite and conductive paint are primary sources of feedback for sonic interaction. By amplifying the signal, different frequencies are generated depending on the electrical conductivity produced.





Acrylic, Medium, Sound and Time on Canvas

The painting/sound sculpture is the evidence of the making from audience participation in the Hans Brinker Budget Trophy.

24 hours healing

2014 - 2015

People have long attached human qualities to inanimate objects as a way of honoring these possessions as important space in our lives.

In these works, I am interested in the painting healing activity and painting as-an-object more than the materiality of the paint and plaster.

Painting is an object whose specific purpose is to- be- painted.

A plaster bandage is normally a material used to provide support to a body part as healing takes place.

I have personalized the painting by concentrating only on its “healing” performance for a day, by giving the canvas an object-like quality as well as internal and external movement.


03:27:13 #1


The canvas has created by time itself. at the back of the painting, attached to the wall, there is a motor device, like an analog clock, rotating the canvas clockwise. Over the painting there is a dripping black acrylic, slowly falling on the canvas while it is rotating by every second. The painting then was created by the base unit of time, the space conditions for 3 hours, 27 minutes, and 13 seconds, implied also on the title. 



03:27:13 #2


The real objects are becoming a medium of real action in space and time, maybe this painting should be looked as it was a portrait of itself!

There would be an anti composition in the painting formalized by the “presences”: time and gravity and characterized by its slow drying process.

The extra virgin olive oil, dark yellow, almost greenish would be uncontrollably cascaded down the canvas and reach beyond the surface where –by obeying the law of gravity- would stretch down to drip on the foil.

The olive oil as a material is very direct and fluid, it has a sense of immediacy
which allows it to flow unceasingly.
It can be traced later, back to the visible sliding marks on the canvas, when almost all the prime surface is bare.


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