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 artists' statement 


My work is driven by a desire to invent a language in composition that examines tactile and sound aspects within site-specific art installations, painting and improvisation. Through multidisciplinary forms that include installations, ephemeral situations and fractures of objects, I create space for research, while using the sound and aesthetics of the materials in time. Recently working on improvised sound compositions with handmade instruments (interactive handmade synthesizers). I have performed and exhibited in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Lebanon and Greec


I seek to approach performance sound as an aesthetic and investigative medium, not only in the listening sense but as a communicational approach to performing and live art.
Currently, I am busy with a Project series, called 6.8KOhm, named after a part of my self constructed synthesizer to produce sound frequencies, coming from electricity.
The synthesizer produces a low noise through a metal oxide film, which can then be modified by conductive materials I am implementing, such as paint on drawings, plates, and the body itself. At the moment, my work is ongoing research inquiring about the phenomenon of how our movement is continuously and subconsciously changing, depending not only on what we hear but what we also interact with.


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