Dimitra Kousteridou(GR,NL) is a multidisciplinary artist, currently lives and works between Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Athens, Greece. Ongoingly works on  site-specific projects and noise improvisation, researching time-based acts as well as installations and relational works involving diverse communities. The core of her interest lies in deconstructing the visual identity of subjects /objects and infusing them with new acoustic character, reinforcing the physical, aural and aesthetic qualities of their soundscape. This often leads to an interdisciplinary format including ephemeral events, interactive handmade synthesizers or fragments of objects, enacting sound as a central element. One can picture the placed situations in her performances to be continuous relationships between different elements of a network that includes bodies, memories and experiences.



2017             Mediamatic, Amsterdam,NL 

                 Barchelor of Fine Arts/Hanze University of Applied Sciences//                                   Groningen, NL    

2016             MediaLab Amsterdam/ 
                 Internship atNetherlands Institute for Sound and Vision//Amsterdam,NL

2009             Barchelor Art And Design/AKTO Art and Design college//Thessaloniki,GR

                 SPATIAL PERFORMANCES Festival/kinesthetic performance//Romanzo,Athens,GR
                 Evolution of a garden.Digital Arts Festival/sound installation//exfokas,Athens
                 ARC for dance festival/kinesthetic performance with"Verge"//OLVIO Theater
                 OnMaterials/sound performance//Kassandras,Athens,GR
                 CTRL+T Dimitra Kousteridou /open studio solo exhibition//TAF Gallery,Athens,GR
                 Cross Attachments Sound Installation/ :Base Gallery// Athens, GR                         
2018             Promitheus 2.0/ Group Show//Michael Cacogiannis Fundation//Athens,GR                      
                 6.8KOhm Imrovistion series tour //DeRuimte,Amsterdam,NL/                                       AtelierIlSoleCantine,Gronigen,GR/TwixtLab/KET/Chimeres Athens,GR/

                 Never Below Zero/ Group Show//SNEHTA Galery//Athens, GR 

                 ElektraGramm, Op.58/ National Greek Opera//Athens, GR                                      
                 Under the paving stones,the river/Snehta gallery//Athens,GR
                 6,8 K Ohm Iinstallation/Platforms Project,Independent Art Fair//
                 Athens school of Fine Arts, Athens, GR

                 Exploring spaces/Communitism vol.III:Europe was taken by a Bull//Athens, GR

                 Audiable creations/Spacelab//Thessaloniki, GR

                     In Between/Solo exchibition//Home Gallery Hosting//Amsterdam,NL

                     Instruments make play@SoundLab/Muziekgebouwaan‘t IJ//Amsterdam,NL
                     Freakatoni Witchy Weekends/Improvisation Festival 2017 OT301//Amsterdam,NL

                 Multirealities/Finals Exhibition//Praedinious Academy Minerva//Groningen,NL
                 Something InParticular/sound piece of Music Ethnography//Steim,Amsterdam,NL

2016             DataVrij prototype/Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision//Hilversum,NL

                 I miss you forever and ever Norway xoxo/blip blip blip gallery//Leeds,UK

                 For the Benefit of All Humans/Group Exhibition/Theater de Kapel//Groningen, NL

2015             Parrhesia project/Sign Gallery//Groningen, NL 


                 Hans Brinker Budget Trophy/Hans Brinker Gallery//Amsterdam,NL


                 Tall Ships/Leidsevaart//Haarlem, NL


                 12 hours perfoemance/Academy Minerva livestream//Groningen,NL

                 tsssskkrrkrk/rembrandt continues/SKPN//Groningen,NL

                 The Stranger In Me/Performance for Joseph Semah//
                 Stedelijk Museum Assen Hedendaagse Kunst//Assen, NL
                 EEA Nordic Artists Center//Dale i Sunnfjord,Norway

                 Catch 22/Group exhibition at KABK//Den Hague, NL

2014             TCHIP HOPZZ audiovisual Performance/Atelier il sole in cantina//Groningen,NL

                 Traum Tumult/Visual arrangements-collaborations//Grand Theater//Groningen,NL

                 Untitled/Kunstfabrik Am Flutgraben//Berlin, DE

                 White Noise/Minerva Academy//Groningen, NL

                 Open Dag//Praediniuss//Groningen, NL    


2018             SNEHTA residency//Athens,Greece
2017             Dalmatia events//Peniche,Portugal
2015             EEA Nordic Artists’ Centre//Dale, Norway


2018             Audiable creations/Hosting a workshop series about performative painting and                   sound at
                 Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL
                 SpaceLab, Thessaloniki GR
                 Communitism, Athens GR
                 Impact Hub, Athens, GR

2017             Aural perceptions/Hosting a workshop about sound exploration of space and                       collective performance
                 Dalmatia, Lisboa, PG
                 Privet gallery, Amterdam, NL

 Dimitra Kousteridou