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Open studio solo exhibition, in-situ Interactive sound sculptures in conversation with each other and the gallery space.

By taking over the gallery of T.A.F. my intention was to shape a work in progress that would stay open to the public for 5 days. I have worked with in situ installations, try to interact with the range between sound waves, electrical power and sculptures, aiming to big in scale audio-visual compositions. The project is based on improvisation, in which sound is formed in a natural space and re-evaluates the perceptive differences between noise, sound and objects in the surroundings. The work in progress has been open in everyday interaction of the audience in synchronisation with live installations that whether embody sound as a component of the artwork or give prominence to the acoustic experience through references and symbols, while using all the available media.

"Over surfaces where   thoughts almost are"


From the Median group vitrine show exhibition  sculptures / acrylic / clay / epoxy / circuits / piezo / electricity,
variable dimensions

With the support of Outset Contemporary Art Fund From Snehta’s greek based residency program that concludes with a showcase of artists works on the 22nd of March 2021, solely at the vitrine spaces:
Dimitra Kousteridou’s compositions cannot be defined by the medium she is using. Her workspace transforms into a hybrid between a lab and a music studio where everything turns into an experiment. Painting with acrylics, using clay and performing with her own body are agents through which she composes sounds and vibrations through electrical circuits; quoting the artist: “Air, electricity and sound are becoming carriers of meaning. The vibrating sonic volumes search their way between the inside and the outside space, between materials, between textures and between bodies; the complex paths and cracks between us.”

"Evolution of the garden" 


Live performance and sound installation

15 years anniversary
Athens Digital Arts Festival


The evolution of the Garden is a collaborative project with Lily Hassioti.

This Project aims to understand sound as the result of interconnectedness and relationships that form within a system. This hybrid electrical and biological circuit looks at the cause and effect that elements have with one another as they are played around with. The circuits act as a rhizome where smaller systems (beginning from the plants ) unite into larger circuits, which themselves turn into an ever-growing soundscape.

IMG_2750b (1).jpg

"Promitheus 2.0"

Interractive sound sculpture for group exhibition "Promitheus 2.0" at Cacogiannis Foundation,self made circuits,amplifier, bronze plates and graphite on paper.

The acoustic sculpture is a post-representation of communication and an integration of its conceptual elements. It deals with the dynamics of knowledge transfer and the change of its meaning, as did the transmission of symbolic fire from Prometheus to man and its transformation into expertise.

Having build an analogue open circuit that converts electricity into sound, I use graphite based sketches and bronze plates,as an integral part of it,to sonify their visual qualities. The work develops while mixing sounds of fire, and graphite as live medium, to symbolize knowledge/information.

The project emerges as a necessity for the continuous exploration of the relationship between knowledge and information, which is realized through technology. Organic transfer of knowledge combined with new technologies results in the enrichment of data transmission. I'm looking then, for new ways of their creative operation and in conjunction with the transfer of discovery, a new way of looking at things.




One color video laptop screen, sound through headphones, 00:01:40 looped
Blip blip gallery,London, UK
video url:

"Solidy Good Commotion"

There is this almost static

composition of one shot, with no scene transitions, roughly cutted , starts from the point of observation, far away the main character, which seems to be a male and a mobile phone devise,sitting in a bar table, surrounded by lights ,music and people. The figure doesn’t offsets the rest of the frame but at the same time looking uncomfortable and disoriented, an abstract but natural position, a human being with their mobile device at hand that maybe calls anticipation for an edit.
The non –diegetic ambient bar soundscape whose source is visible, represented amblified in the story space.
The voice of the narrator, performing the poetry written from computer algorithm, is recorded directly from the computer and edited in the scene, perhaps an attempt to add value in the phone as a character in the story.

An attempt to conjure up synchronized heterotopias and to exist mentally in two different soundscapes, also presented separately on the right and left audio speakers.

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